Natori-Ryu Core Manuals
The core teachings of Natori-Ryu are now being translated and published. When available they will be listed here and will amount to approximately ten volumes.


The Book of Samurai

BOOK ONE is a translation of two secret scrolls and establishes the Fundamental Teachings of a samurai student, revealing the basic traditions of Natori-Ryū.  The first scroll, Heika Jōdan,contains 290 lessons that define the baseline for samurai during times of peace, a time which is considered as preparation for war, focusing each student on expanding their own ability and conduct, giving them the mind-set needed for any battles to come. The second scroll, Ippei Yōkō, moves the student onto the field of battle, giving them an understanding of what is expected of them during a campaign of war and providing the necessary guidance for samurai who are to take up arms for the first time. These first two Natori-Ryū documents are an in-depth and detailed account of the practicality of samurai warfare, opening up the lost world of these Japanese warriors to all modern readers. Buy it here.


Natori Ryu Blank Workbook

Warning: This is a blank product. The Natori-Ryu Blank Workbook is a notebook created for Natori-Ryu Students. Each student works from the Book of Samurai Series and makes notes and drawings in the pages provided. This book has been produced to give Natori-Ryu students a place to record their skills and also as a way to help fund the school. Consider the purchase of this book a donation to Natori-Ryu. Buy it here.


True Path of the Ninja

True Path of the Ninja is a translation of the Shoninki manual. It contains the essence of Natori-Ryu’s shinobi tradition. Written in 1681 by Natori Masazumi it teaches a samurai how to perform as a shinobi no mono (ninja) in the service of their lord. This version also has short chapter introductions by Antony Cummins.  


Natori-Ryu original Japanese Texts
The following books are replica copies of medieval Natori-Ryu manuals in Japanese. These are used as collector’s items and Japanese language study books.

The Shoninki – Paperback


To purchase a copy click here.


Foundation reading
There are books which were available to and popular among the samurai of Japan. These books have influenced samurai warfare and are required reading for students of Japanese warfare.


The Seven Chinese Classics

The Seven Chinese classics are universally hailed as the greatest works on military science in both China and Japan and include such titles as The Art of Way and The Six Secret Teachings, both of which were utilised in Natori-Ryu. In our school we recommend this translation. To purchase click here.


The Analects

The teachings of Confucius became popular during the Edo Period and Natori Masazumi does quote from them. There are multiple versions online, ranging from expensive to free. The one pictured here is the London Folio Society version and can be purchased here.