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How to draw Natori:



Step 1:

Draw a circle and start the shape to Natori's face by adding his jaw line and his eyes.


Do not forget to draw on his face markings.


Step 2:

Add Natori's jacket, ears and hair. If you look closely you can see his hair is made up of a circle and some triangles.


Step 3:

Now you have Natori's face, it is time to draw over the pencil lines in black pen.


Step 4:

Wait for the ink to dry and then rub out all the pencil marks, you should be left with a great outline of Natori!


Step 5:

Add the first layer of orange to Natori's face markings.


Step 6:

Add a second layer of darker orange to the upper parts and just beneath the eyes.


Step 7:

Apply some red to the upper areas and just under the eyes.


Step 8:

Now it's time to add scarlet to Natori's clothes and a very light blue to the outer areas of his fur.


Step 9:

Add a second layer of darker blue to all edges of his fur and start to add dark grey to make shadows on his clothes.


Step 10:

Now add some light grey followed by medium grey under his ears, around his eyes and under his jaw to make some shadows.


Step 11:

Add dark grey to the clothes and to all the shadows on the face.

Step 12:

Finally add some thin black edges to make all the details sharper.


Congratulations! You should now have a great drawing of Natori.


Maybe you could enter in to our fan art section!