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Natori Characters:


Natori the Ninja

Natori is the main man and the host of the stories, he is the Ninja cat that gives you all the amazing Ninja information!


Sanjuro the Shinobi

Sanjuro is the brother of Natori, he is a Shinobi, that is the old name for the ninja. Sanjuro is the host of the 6th episode.


Nato, The Ninja Catcher

Nato is a Samurai who catches Ninjas, but as we see in Episode 6 he does not catch Sanjuro the Shinobi!


Simon, The Silly Samurai

Simon the silly Samurai is a Samurai who is not very clever, he falls for the old barrel in a hedge trick in Episode 3, silly Samurai!


Larry, The Local Spy

Larry is one of the 5 types of spy, he blends in with everyone and gets all the Ninja information!


Doko, the Doomed Spy

Doko is a doomed spy, he is someone you send on a mission where the Ninja dies and never comes back. I do not think we will see Doko again!!!!


Kato, the Converted Spy

Kato is someone who worked for the enemy, but Kato is greedy! So we give him money and make him work for us!


Jin-Jah the Nin-jah

The ginger assassin in the night, he tried to kill Natori but failed and ended up in prison!